Growing People is an exciting urban horticultural social enterprise exploring sustainable alternatives to growing food for the local community. At our Urb Farm in the heart of Wolverton, in the city of Milton Keynes we:

  • grow seasonal fruit, veg, salad and flowers using environmentally sensitive techniques Freshly picked produce can be purchased at our pop-up market stall in the Urb Farm car park every Thursday between 1pm-6pm. The farm can be found between 196-198 Windsor Street, Wolverton, MK12 5DR.
  • welcome the whole community; hosting school visits, volunteer groups, corporate workdays and local residents who come to learn and explore at the farm
  • have created a wildlife haven, home to numerous species, many that are in decline or endangered. With our ponds, plants and woodland, and the varied habitats and food sources available to creatures big and small, our small patch of land has astonishing biodiversity!

The UK is not self-sufficient in food production!

It imports 48% of the total food consumed and the proportion is rising.

Along with the goal of reducing the air miles our food travels it vital to produce more locally grown, seasonal food. www.foodsecurity.ac.uk


The Growing People team love sharing their adventures at the farm, including details of tasty and unusual veg and plants for sale, chicken news, interesting wildlife and details of open days and events. To hear the latest just sign up to our Instagram and Facebook


Our social enterprises need support to continue our work.

Growing People is one of Milton Keynes Christian Foundations social enterprises staffed by young people not in education, training or employment who gain essential work experience and qualifications as they help to grow delicious food.


Please call to arrange an appointment or get in touch via email or on social media.


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