Mordanted Fabric – Medium- Weight Quilting Cotton


Discover the Art of Home Plant Dyeing with Our Cotton Medium-Weight Fabric

At Sew & Grow, we’re passionate about preserving the ancient art of natural dyeing. We understand that for many enthusiasts, mordanting fabric can be a roadblock to their creative journey. That’s why we’ve created the perfect solution.

Introducing our 100% cotton medium-weight fabric, thoughtfully designed for quilting and tailored for at-home plant dyeing. With our fabric, you can now embark on your natural dyeing adventure with ease.

The Secret to Vibrant and Lasting Colors

Our cotton fabric undergoes a meticulous mordanting process, ensuring your dye colours are not only vivid but also long-lasting. We use an 8% Aluminum Lactate solution, precisely calibrated for cellulose fibres, to make your creations truly stand out.

Why Choose Our Natural Cotton Fabric?

  • Designed for Quilting: Our fabric is the ideal canvas for your quilting projects, providing a smooth, not too-stretchy surface for your designs.
  • Easy-to-Use: Say goodbye to the complexities of mordanting. With our pre-treated fabric, you can jump right into the exciting world of plant dyeing.
  • Neutral Base: We are offering this fabric in two colours, Natural with a warm undertone and White with a cool undertone so you can pick the right undertone for your dye.


-Hand-made in small batches in our tiny Milton Keynes workshop-

Created slowly with our gorgeous planet in mind.

All of our dyes are vegan and natural.

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Natural 50cm x 120cm, Natural 100cm x 120cm, White 50cm x 120cm, White 100cm x 120cm