Natural Dyeing 101 Workshop


  • Learn how to select and prepare fabric for natural dyeing
  • Experiment with making different shades using modifiers
  • Create a dye vat using food waste and take your samples home
  • Dye your organic cotton cushion cover to take home with you

Dive into the world of textile transformation in our workshops! Learn the intricate art of preparing fabric for dyeing, discover the magic of modifiers, and explore the sustainable practice of dyeing with food waste.

The three-hour experience will start with a cup of tea while enjoying an introduction to plant dyeing and how to prepare your fibres. You will then learn about the different dyes we use in the studio and be shown a hot extraction method to create a dye vat. While the vat is brewing you will learn a couple of folding techniques, selecting your favourite pattern on your cushion cover.

After a quick break with tea and cake, you will experiment with modifiers to change colours and create your sample cards. Finish off the session by unfurling your newly dyed cushion cover.

You’ll not only create beautiful textiles but also take home samples showcasing your newfound skills. Join us on this eco-conscious journey of creativity and craftsmanship!
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Wednesday 27th March 2024- 9:30-12:30, Tuesday 17th May 2024 – 9:30-12:30, Wednesday 3rd July 2024 9:30-12:30, Buy a voucher