Beekeeping Experience


• A three-hour introduction to beekeeping experience for one
• Taste the award-winning Urban Bee-lievers honey
• Look inside a real honeybee hive

Have the unique opportunity to not only learn about the amazing honeybee colony but also take a look inside a hive. The three-hour experience will start with a cup of tea and honey cake while enjoying an introduction to beekeeping and the amazing life of a honeybee colony.

You will then learn about the different jobs of a bee keeper during the year and get hands on with some equipment including the smoker and hive tool.

When the smoker is alight you will put on a bee suit and gloves before stepping into the apiary, seeing inside a beehive and gaining some hand-on experience with these wonderful insects. Beekeeping equipment; bee suits and gloves are provided

You will learn about all the things you can do to help save not just honey bees but all the bumbles and solitary bees too. If you are considering taking up bee keeping as a hobby we can answer the questions you may have and what to do next. This experience will keep you buzzing for a long time.


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