Reusable Period Pad


An alternative to single use, plastic period products. These pads are dyed using natural, plant-based dyes and sewn by hand in our small workshop in Milton Keynes. Our pads can be used time and time again, reducing the need to buy endless packets of disposable pads and diverting many kilos of plastic from landfill. Made from 100% organic cotton, a PUL waterproof layer and a Zorb absorbent inner layer.

Our pads come in four sizes:
Mini – £5
One “mini” reusable period pad suitable for a light flow.

Regular – £6.50
One “regular” reusable period pad suitable for a medium flow.

Heavy – £7
One “heavy” reusable period pad suitable for a heavy flow.

Extra Long/Night – £7.50
One “extra long” reusable period pad suitable for a heavier flow or nighttime use.

We believe that every menstruator has the right to an earth- and people- friendly period!

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Care | The absolute joy of natural colour is that it changes and grows over time. Plant-based, natural dyes have a charm and personality much unlike synthetic dyes and for this reason, some colours may vary or fade over time, so it’s important that you look after them with love. Keep out of direct sunlight when you’re not wearing them and wash carefully by hand, and air dry. Following these steps will help to prolong the dyes’ natural lives. We use minimal, recycled packaging, 100% of which can be composted or recycled.