Marbled Violet Naturally Dyed Quilters’ Bundle


Marbled Violet – dyed with Logwood.

Add a beautiful element of natural dye to your quilts, patchwork and sewing with our Quilters’ Bundles. Dyed by hand in our small workshop in Milton Keynes, our fabric is made from medium-weight 100% cotton that has been chosen specially for quilting and dressmaking. Each bundle is made up of 2 x pieces of fabric at 50cm x 55cm, dyed in the same colour and created slowly with our gorgeous planet in mind. All of our dyes are vegan and natural.

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Care | Please be aware that this is a bespoke, hand-dyed product which means that there may be some colour variation, uneven colouring or patchiness due to the unique characteristics of natural dyes. This is not to be taken as a defect but more as a reflection of the way colour appears in nature and to add texture and wonder to your work.

The absolute joy of natural colour is that it changes and grows over time. Plant-based, natural dyes have a charm and personality much unlike synthetic dyes and for this reason, some colours may vary or fade over time, so it’s important that you look after them with love. Keep out of direct sunlight where possible and wash carefully at 30°c using a gentle detergent or by hand, and air dry. Following these steps will help to prolong the dyes’ natural lives. This product can be ironed on the cotton setting. Colours may vary from batch to batch although we will do our best to keep them consistent. We use minimal, recycled packaging, 100% of which can be composted or recycled.