Dye at Home Scarf Kit


Create your own bundle dyed organic bamboo/cotton-blend scarf.

Perfect for creative people that want to give natural dyeing a go at home! This kit has everything you need to create your very own vegan bamboo scarf, following a “bundle-dyeing” technique using only natural ingredients, and designed with a pattern of your choosing. Due to the processes used in extracting silk for scarves we have chosen a completely vegan fabric that is cruelty-free and sustainable too.

This kit contains:
– 1 x 100% organic vegan bamboo scarf, hand sewn by a female cooperative in India
– A variety of different types of flowers and other natural modifiers to create a colourful design
– A vial of white vinegar
– A vial of turmeric
– String
– Full instructions on how to use the kit

This kit is suited to beginner dyers and beyond. This kit is postable so would make a perfect gift for friends or family that live far away!